Here are the steps to create custom notification in ShareKnowledge using custom datasource. In following example new 'Notification of courses whose due dates expire within the next 24hours' is created.

To create such notification some small modifications to the jobconfig.config file along with creation of a custom notification should be made.

Here are the steps

1. Create a custom datasourse in the jobconfig.config (Commonly stored at C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\ShareKnowledge.Lms.Notification\)

      <register type="NotificationDataSource" name="CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateIn1Day" mapTo="ShareKnowledge.Lms.Notification.NotificationDataSources.CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateInAPeriod, ShareKnowledge.Lms.Notification">         <lifetime type="singleton" />
          <param name="namePrefix" value="CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateIn1Day" />
          <param name="period" value="24" />

2. Create custom notification

$! 1. The notification of courses whose due dates expire within the next 24hours !$ $if(CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateInDay)$ We remind you that you should complete $CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateIn1Day.Count$ course(s) within the next 24hours: <ul> $CoursesWithExpirationOrDueDateIn1Day: {Course| <li> <a href="$Course.Url$">$Course.Name$</a><br/> Complete before: <b>$Course.DueDate$</b><br/> $if(Course.Description)$ $Course.Description$<br/> $endif$ </li> }$ </ul> <hr/> $endif$

3. Add the notification in the existing perday file or create custom timer job that will run in late evening of the preceding day, or in the morning of current day, notifying about the events expiring today

In order to create new notifications timer job you should use GenerateMailJob.ps1 script from the delivered with the current version of SK.

For a complete list of datasources available for modifications, extended instructions on datasource, notifications and timer job creation please refer to the E-Mail Notificactions section of the ShareKnowledge Administration Guide